Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Are Sorry (EP. 2 Comming Very Soon)

So here is the deal with the postponement of EP. 2. Zack started school last week and I've been crazy busy with my new job and we've both have been getting settled in with are new routines. But I swear upon Zeus that EP. 2 will be up this week.

So let me give you a HUGE apology and we are going to get this show up and running again this week and we are going to get on a routine with the episodes. Probably 1 a week.

But give me a few more days (maybe up tomorrow night depends on Zach). For now I've got to get some sleep. Perfect World is killing me. I'll talk about that next episode.

Thanks and sorry,
Zach and Jon

P.S. Big ups to the subscribers. We love you!

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