Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hang In There

So everyone who has listened I want to thank you. I wish you guys would get a hold of us at and tell us what you thought or ask questions or just tell us something or anything. But really I'm just glad we've got people out their who are listening and SUBSCRIBING. Awesome.

I just wanted to post a quick blog and tell you guys whats up. For those who listened to the show and had some complaints hang in there. We are doing the best to fix everything, tighten the show up add some stuff and all in all just make the show better.

The next show will be a little more stream lined but I'll warn you the topic of anime porn will probably come up and we will inevitably ramble on about something. But hey we are only human.

But we are recording the show Monday evening/night sometime after I get off of work around 6-8. So look for it Tuesday or Wednesday if the audio needs work. Itunes is taking forever to get our RSS feed up so you're going to have to come here for a while to get it but you can still subscribe to the feed and get it in your itunes by clicking the subscribe to feed button on the left.

Well I've got to go and get to work on the next show. Till then, We Are Error.

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